Tame sukashi

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The Birth of Tame Sukashi

Tame-sukashi originated during the Edo Period during the experimentation and refinement of Tsukuba swords. This technique was developed by sword-making artisans from Akasaka school of Edo which is now modern-Tokyo.

This is an artwork born from the aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-sabi and the spirit of Kintsugi. Therefore, you may observe a few slight imperfections or wood schemas along the finish. As these traits are embraced by multiple layers of Urushi, it will not expand yet instead, contributing to the aging beauty of the whole pen. Please do not mistake these for defects.


The journey of discovering art has always been a challenging mission full of trials and errors. Yet, we cherish all of them as each stroke is a valuable part of the final masterpiece. Therefore, even with imperfect art pieces, we are always prompted to find a way to embrace their imperfection, and create new values from them. Sekai and Dream Pen - Rising Sun was one of those journeys that we are glad to take on.

A combination of the rustic wood shape, gold leaf Kinpaku and Kindai-Makie is so intriguing. However, we also encountered many difficulties since the natural characteristic of the material prevented us from creating a smooth surface a lot of times. Several pieces, therefore, ended up with slight imperfections or schemas, unqualified to proceed with the final Maki-e decoration, and put aside.

A collaboration artwork across Japan

Now, we are glad to have revived these imperfect pieces in a new form - Tame-sukashi 溜透かし. Being inspired by the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-sabi and the art of Kintsugi, we have attempted to use Suki Urushi on these pens with Nurippanashi technique from Aizu, Japan.

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To our surprise, the final finish has become a surreal beauty where the delicate details of Maki-e are revealed subtly through the amber translucent depth of Urushi. And with the flow of time, the Maki-e details hidden under can be observed aging beautifully, becoming an indispensable treasure in your collection.

Tamesukashi Fountain Pen