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About Phan Hong Thuan

- Born in Ha Tinh, Vietnam
- 16 years hands-on experience with Son Mai painting
- 2000 - 2005: Attended Hue University of Arts
- 2005: Opened Son Mai painting gallery in Pho Tay, Hue
- 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012: Solo Son Mai Painting Exhibitions held in Nice, France

Starting the journey with Son Mai (Sơn Mài) since when still being a college student, Phan Hong Thuan is one of the very few young artists in Vietnam choosing to follow this path. 

In 2005, Phan Hong Thuan graduated from Hue University of Arts and has been practicing to master Son Mai since then. Starting with a small gallery in Pho Tay, Hue, Phan Hong Thuan now owns a huge collection of unique Son Mai paintings of various styles. 

Phan Hong Thuan's Son Mai work tends to re-express this historic traditional craft in an unexpected style that has a closer connection to today's world while still strictly follow the principles of Son Mai's making process.

Since the first stop - Wajima, our Voyage has expanded to various regions across Japan, each with a distinctive lacquer art developed through thousands of years. 

Sometimes, our artisans even challenge with new materials such as glass, titanium, or even natural leaves (Kiei Urushi).

One of Phan Hong Thuan's Son Mai artworks on canvas


The spontaneity

To artist Phan Hong Thuan, inspiration lies in every aspect of daily life, from animate objects to static forms. With his vibrant color palettes and meticulous hand-drawn motifs, artist Phan Hong Thuan expresses the various shapes and emotions of life through the Vietnamese traditional lacquering art - Son Mai.

 Every single fountain pen in this collection is crafted with the original idea and imagination of artist Phan Hong Thuan. They are limited to only 1 piece each and will never come back in the future.

Previous Collection

The Vietnamese Soul Collection

Inspired by Hue's imperial architectural decorative arts, The Vietnamese Soul collection is a series dedicated to the development of traditional art throughout Vietnam's history.

 Each edition depicts not only splendid colors of Vietnam's landscapes but also the flow of times through the eyes of an artist who represents the young generations in Vietnam.

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