Only available at Wancher, Shinshin Kiei is an exclusive collection made with Japanese modern Maki-e art.

Shinshin Kiei is a Japanese word - 新進気鋭 - translated as "up-and-coming". Though it refers to people who will bring up a promising future, according to the artist, this concept doesn't point out directly to any person but rather carries the hope of a brightening future.

The concept was born in early 2020 when the pandemic hit the world unexpectedly. Many of us went through tremendous loss and no one was sure what awaits them in hindsight, yet, anyone can still hope for the better.

The artisan, therefore, wanted to spread this positive thinking to everyone and that's when the designs of Shinshin Maki-e were born.
When a new obstacle arises and you seem to be lost in a swirl of challenges, it might be the beginning of another bright future.

Each design of Shinshin Kiei collection is originally created and applied by Maki-e artist, one by one.


Shinshin Kiei Maki-e