PuChiCo is a mini-sized fountain pen that is released under Wancher's sub-brand, "1 x One x Wan".

With a very cute design made from acrylic slice. The palm-sized appearance might makes an attractive writing utensils for children and women with small hands. Are you ready to fulfill your curiousity to write with petite fountain pen?

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"A very cute fountain pen made from acrylic shavings" 

Born from 1×one×wan, PuChiCo is designed to have the total length of 65mm before the cap being posted. After the cap is posted, it fits between your thumb and index finger while your hands write.

PuChico is adapting the Eyedropper method that also widely used in traditional Japanese fountain pens and this method is loved by many famous writers of the Showa era. The simple structure of the pen allows the ink to flow smoothly through the ink tank to the nib.

The PuChiCo making process 

1. The cutting of Acrylic bulge one-by-one 

If you look around from your surrounding, many products are bulk-produced. Handmade items or the semi-manufactured products such as fashion ring and pendant gems are probably cover only the small portion exempted from the mass-produced categories. The body of PuChiCo goes through the same manufacturing process called "acrylic cutting", as the gemstone used to cut and process raw stones. As simply as cutting the acrylic, it's still necessary to ensure the beautiful, soft curves design and the shape consistency.

2. Multiple trial and error process. 

During the initial stages of pen design, our primary goal was to create the smallest fountain pen imaginable, measuring a mere 58mm. However, we soon discovered that this compact size hindered writing comfort and efficiency. Additionally, in our efforts to ensure the cap fit securely onto the shaft, we had slimmed it down considerably. Consequently, we encountered the issue of limited ink capacity. Consequently, after careful consideration, we ultimately made the decision to increase the pen's length to 65mm.

3. Normal-sized pen tip 

In order to achieve an authentic fountain pen appearance, it was crucial to incorporate a generous-sized pen tip. Despite the utilization of an iridium-point stainless steel nib, downsizing the ink supply mechanism posed a significant challenge. Regardless of its petite design, the number of components and the production process involved in creating this fountain pen remain identical to that of its larger counterparts. As the size diminishes, the complexity of the manufacturing process intensifies, making it more labor-intensive and cost-effective.

4. Surprisingly Compact and Adorably Functional

In the end, we achieved a design where the cap can be attached to the end of the shaft for convenient usage! The ink capacity has also been increased to a large volume surpassing that of traditional cartridges! While maintaining a functional size that is easy to use even for adults, we have created an incredibly small and adorable design! Wancher will continue to craft 1×one×wan products with heartfelt dedication!

New Demonstrator Version & Petite Case


As we receive many great feedback from PuChiCo user, it led us to the idea to bring the demonstrator version this time. We realized that many of our audience have been waiting for the variant that can allow them to enjoy the ink color.

This time, we are delighted to introduce PuChiCo Frosty Sepia with this model. Now, your beloved ink colors can be savored through the sleek body of this petite fountain pen.


Introducing the all-new Charm Case designed exclusively for your cherished PuChiCo. Inspired by the occasional challenge of locating this petite fountain pen within a bag, we have crafted a secure case to ensure the safekeeping of your PuChiCo.

The faux fur case made to fit at most two PuChiCo pens and can be taken with you everywhere. In addition to housing your PuChiCo, this case serves as a versatile storage solution for girls, allowing you to neatly stow away your lipstick or lip care products in one place. With this convenient arrangement, you'll never forget to pamper your lips!

How to Use

Due to PuChiCo's eyedropper-style ink filling mechanism, it requires bottled ink for usage. With the current unprecedented ink boom, among the wide variety of inks available at stationery stores, take your time to select your preferred color.

Once you've purchased the ink, it's time to unscrew the body of the fountain pen and fill it with ink using the included dropper. (For detailed instructions, please refer to the user manual).

Additionally, please be cautious about ink spills. If ink gets on fabric or leather, it can be challenging to remove. Take care not to get ink on your cuffs when refilling the pen. Moreover, leaving the pen in a shirt pocket or bag without securely tightening the cap can lead to ink stains. Therefore, ensure that the cap is tightly closed.


Material: Acrylic resin
Mechanism: Eyedropper filling
Nib: Iridium point / Stainless steel nib
Length: 65 mm (when not in use)

PuChiCo, which brings enjoyment to everyone who uses it, is meant for you. 

Despite its toy-like small size, PuChiCo is actually a fountain pen for adults. PuChiCo surprises onlookers, brings smiles, and offers enjoyment to all who use it. For those who value their own adorable style and handwritten characters, as well as fountain pen enthusiasts around the world, we highly recommend using PuChiCo.

Click HERE to see the adorable PuChiCo animation.

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