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A grand welcome to the Dream Pen Limited Edition 2022 - the next exquisite artworks of Wajima traditional Urushi artisans! Limited to 10 pieces worldwide, each model is handcrafted and equipped with a Wancher 18-carat gold nib in Gold or Rhodium accent. 

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What inspires Dream Pen Limited Edition 2022

The Zen philosophy is a common practice in modern lives, not only in Japan but also over the world. One of its most important principles is that everything in this universe is deeply interconnected and you - yourself - are a part of the universe. Only when you accept yourself as a whole with the universe, you will find the immense innerpost power that you have been looking for.

Embracing this beautiful ideology, Wancher and Wajima artisans have worked together and visualized the inner power - hidden universes inside each individual with the traditional arts of Japan - Raden and Maki-e. 

The art behinds Dream Pen Limited Edition 2022

This time, we are honored with another opportunity to work with experienced artisans in Wajima, Japan, whom we greatly entrusted with the Urushi and Raden application. The beauty of Raden was complemented even more when accompanied by the Maki-e art, hand-painted piece to piece by Master Yamanoshita - who is behind our highest-ranking Dream Pen designs. 

Fullest dedication into details

Each pen in Limited Edition 2022 is a treasure because of the high-class materials and its painstaking process alone. Yet, what we admire and cherish the most is the true craftsmanship behind it. 

Thin gold lines are frequently used in this collection to express the flow of internal energy - the flow of the universe. And, only a master with tremendous experience in lacquering practice can perform those elegant, delicate, and evenly thin gold lines around the cigar-shaped body. Not only utmost concentration and skill but also, a sense of the material's nature are required to complete these complex designs.

Especially, the highest-class model - "Supernova" - features a complicated Maki-e technique - Nashiji 梨子地 or pear-skin ground, beautifully embracing two opposite sides of the ebonite pen body. 

Only 10 of each Raden-Maki-e design will be crafted worldwide. Each Dream Pen Raden 2022 Limited Edition will be numbered and signed by Maki-e Master Yamanoshita.


Each pre-order will come with a complimentary high-quality Penfolium 12 Pen Portfolio. 
 *The color will be randomly picked by our staff.