Dream Pen 2021 Limited Collection represents you with the most exquisite designs and traditional techniques ever made with our Dream Pen fountain pens. Each edition is handcrafted to only 10 numbered limited pieces worldwide and equipped with a Wancher 18 carat gold nib in either Gold or Rhodium accent.

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Handcrafted with Opal Inlay and Urushi Togidashi technique in Echizen.

Dream Pen Kyoto Opal is one of the most difficult designs that we have ever made. Crafted with an intensive process of Opal Inlay and Urushi Togidashi technique, each piece is a unique artwork by Maki-e artisan from Echizen, Japan.

The materials used are natural Urushi and unique decorative particles developed in Kyoto, that carry a subtle hue and rich characteristics resembling natural opal gemstone.
By inlaying precisely hand-cut opal particles to the whole surface of the pen and then sharpening through successive Urushi layers, the artisan has created a masterpiece with natural iridescence that we have never seen before, even with beautiful Raden art.

Costly materials and a painstaking process make it a treasure in our collection, but still, what we praise the most is the exquisite skills of the artisan behind this art. The master will make 10 and only limited pieces and number each pen with the maki-e technique. This design will not make its comeback in the future!

Handcrafted with Raden Inlay and Maki-e technique in Wajima.

Raden (螺鈿 in Japanese), which is also called mother-of-pearl inlay, is one of the techniques in Japanese lacquerware that apply inlays of natural pearl shells to decorate a wooden or ebonite surface.

Our Dream Pen Raden 2021 Limited Editions inherit the delicate Raden and Maki-e art handcrafted in Wajima by master Yamanoshita - who crafts the highest-ranking designs in the Dream Pen collection.

Once abalone shells are carefully selected, the qualified ones are flattened into a very thin raden sheet. It is then cut into tiny pieces and inlaid to the surface of the pen using natural Urushi. What creates the soul of the artwork is distinctive designs created by combining Raden and Maki-e techniques. While Maki-e (made of pure gold powder) adds graceful motifs, Raden presents a gradient shining look that can catch anyone's attention right from the beginning.

Each Raden design is strictly limited to only 10 pieces worldwide and will be numbered by master Yamanoshita.


Estimated Delivery: January 2022


Limited Edition 2021