Kuretake Olive Brush Pen

A gorgeous artwork with timeless beauty that marks our newest collaboration with Kuretake

We at Wancher treasure precious wood and strive to convey its beauty in the form of writing instruments.
Many years ago, Wancher asked Kuretake to utilize the Olive tree wood in Kunisaki to create pens, yet it was not feasible at that time. Years later, Kuretake still remembered the request and made our desire achievable by using olive lumber from Italy.

Durable wooden body from time-valued materials

For a long time, Olive has been cultivated in the Mediterranean for over 7000 years and continues to flourish all around the world. With a life span of up to 500 years, the Olive tree is believed to be a symbol of "peace", "happiness" and "prosperity". Besides the oil production, the tree is also prized for its wood which boasts rich color, fine texture, and distinctive grain.

With that beautiful meaning and strong feature, we decided on Olive wood from Italy for our new brush pen body.

In Italy, olive lumber is only harvested by registration with the government and cannot be felled recklessly. For this reason, it is considered to be a rare material that can only be obtained from old trees that have reached the end of their lifespan, damaged by nature, or branches that have fallen naturally.

As it features a striking wood grain and durable material, the more you use it, the more you feel it in your hand, you will cherish it for years to come.

Finest brush tip for your every stroke

It is not enough to have a durable body, yet a prerequisite for evaluating a good brush pen is its tip material.

A quality brush can retain a good amount of water, release ink evenly, and its tip will not shed or split. Therefore, among popular brush hair materials, Kuretake chose the natural weasel hair (the red sable), which is usually used for many of their brush pen products, to be the finest brush tip for Olive Brush Pen.
Weasel hair proves its finest feature through its softness, firmness, and especially the excellent water-holding ability that attributes consistent, smooth flow of ink, making it ideal for brushes in painting and calligraphy.


Olive Brush Pen is not only one of our most cherished artworks but also a second limited edition collaboration with Kuretake.

With the curated materials that make up Olive Brush Pen, we believe that every brush stroke on your paper will suffice to make you satisfied and treasure it for many years afterward.

Kuretake Olive Brush Pen