Jade Pen Pillow

The profound significance of Jade in many cultures is undeniable.
So much so that "Gold has a price, but Jade is priceless" is a famous quote in East Asia. It is believed to evoke values such as sincerity and wisdom, and possess powers that avert evil and bring prosperity.

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Precious Material from Guatemala

Jade in Guatemala is an important resource and material for jewelry and other decorative objects. The country is home to some of the finest jade deposits in the world, and it has a long history of jade crafting and trade.

An elegant pen pillow from Jade

This exquisite pen rest from Guatemala is crafted from the finest jade, green gemstone prized for its beauty and durability. Sourced from the lush, verdant mountains of the country, this piece of jade has been carefully selected for its rich, deep color and remarkable translucence. Since jade in Guatemala comes in many different colors, this time, we present you five different shades of it. Its smooth, polished surface provides a luxurious base for your writing instruments, while its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any desk or workspace. This pen rest is a true treasure, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Guatemala and its long history of jade craftsmanship.

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Jade Pen Pillow