Imari Fountain Pen

A new original color has been added to Wancher collection - A unique fountain pen set that combines modern utility and traditional arts: Imari Ware (Imari-yaki) and a Nabeshima-yaki pen tray

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The Concept behinds IMARI Fountain pen Set

Imari Ware and Nabeshima Ware are both presitigious and well-known traditional porcelain art in Arita, Japan. What is now known now as Imari Ware and Nabeshima Ware dates back to the Edo period, when porcelain stone and technique started being developed in Japan. At that time, they were used for only special purposes such as tributes or gifts, and therefore, only most excellent and experienced potters could craft them.

It is even said that they were never available on general markets. The techniques that were superior at the time of its birth have been handed down to the present, and both Imari Wares and Nabeshima Ware continues to attract people even now.

WANCHER Imari Fountain Pen

First, let's look closer at Imari fountain pen.

The most striking feature of the pen must be its eye-catching, beautiful glossy combination of colors: the shimmering tint blue cap - body and sweet vermilion finials. We extracted the signatured bright colors of Imari-yaki and incorporated them into the blue resin, then adjusting the color portions in a delicate and careful manner.
Such craftsmanship has allowed us to produce a mesmerizing fountain pen that shows a variety of expressions, depending on the angle or amount of light. As light is drawn into and slightly passed through the pen, you can feel vitreous cold luster of Imariyaki porcelain.

 Furthermore, equipped with a Japanese-quality 21-karat gold nib, Imari fountain pen promise a highly luxurious appearance, as well as excellent writing performance and functionality.

Nabeshima-yaki Pen Tray 


If you are interested in Japanese traditional art, we believe you will be thrilled to write with Imari fountain pen and rest it on the Nabeshima-yaki Pen Tray on your desk.

Holding the pen and gazing at its soothing colors, you will feel the fascinating power embedded in traditional Japanese crafts, as well as our hope and passion. Imari Pen and Nabeshima-yaki Pen tray set will be a special item in your collection and enhance your pleasure of writing.

Imari Fountain Pen Set