Aluminum on Dream Pen

Taking step into adapting aluminum material into Dream Pen shape, we committed to bring you a different experience with fountain pen. A durable and rust-free material gives a perfect balance, effortless grip on your hand. 

Sleek finishing touch 

Aluminum is lighter than many other metals in pen manufacturing. This lightweight nature leads to a balanced feel in the hand and allows smoother writing and effortless writing as they place less strain on the hand.

As the pen body is entirely made of aluminum material, it can feel cool to the touch initially, but it quickly warms up with the heat from your hand as it has excellent thermal conductivity. This is what makes Dream Pen aluminum fountain pens comfortable to use for extended writing sessions.

Aluminum features

Durability, Aesthetic, Safe, Easy to clean, and Enviromental friendly

Color Inspiration by time period

The sleek appearance of the pen combined with classic gold or rose gold color creates an elegant and sophisticated writing instrument with a touch of luxury.

Aluminum Classic

Since thousands of years ago, gold is the most classic way to express luxurious taste. The widespread use of this metal in jewelry, trade currency, and sacred places followed its discovery. Royalty, divinity, and prosperity are also symbols associated with gold.

Aluminum Contemporary

Following the everlasting elegance of gold, rose gold was born many centuries later, on the 19th. The color is associated with feminity and romantic beauty and is often used in modern art pieces. By adopting this color for our Dream Pen, we add a touch of opulence to our fountain pen.

Dream Pen Aluminum