Czech Glass Pen - Bohemian

Glass craft that is twinkling in harmony

Introducing the Wancher collection's latest addition, the "Bohemian Glass Pen" – a writing tool crafted from top-notch glass renowned for its crystal clarity. Elevate your writing experience and add a touch of uniqueness to your moments.

 Derived from Japanese origins, glass pens have evolved globally. The Bohemian Glass Pen combines the traditional craft of Czech glassmaking with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a pen that boasts remarkable transparency and durability.

 Embrace the charm of medieval modern glass-inspired colors in the design, creating an atmosphere that blends classic elegance with a contemporary twist. Make every stroke a timeless expression with this exquisite glass pen, perfect for transforming your writing into a special journey through space and time.


World's top three glass producer

Bohemian glass, alongside contemporary American glass and Venetian glass from Venice, holds its place as one of the world's top three types of glass. The Czech Republic's standing as a notable glass producer is attributed not only to skilled craftsmen but also to the ample resources essential for glass production.

Clear and transparent

"Potash Glass," born in Bohemia, is renowned for its high melting temperature, in contrast to ordinary glass materials and manufacturing methods. Its effects are characterized by "high transparency" and "hardness," making it suitable for cutting glass (cuttings) and engravings (shaving).

Our visit to the glass workshop in Czech

The glass pen factory is situated in the town of Jablonec, now in the western Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. The Bohemian region produces abundant silica, wood ash, and potassium, serving as raw materials for glass. Glass crafts have developed since the 13th century, with cutting techniques and digging patterns invented in the 17th century, leading to an explosive boom among European royal families and aristocrats. Yabronets, in particular, is renowned for producing glassware and artificial jewelry and has a deep connection with Swarovski, attracting many celebrities.

We found Jablonec, a town in northeastern Prague, nestled on a mountain range near Poland. Our first visit to the factory took place at the beginning of winter. We took a train, disembarked at a small station entering the mountainous area from the rural surroundings, and then ascended the mountain path. In the cool air, about to embrace snowfall, European country roads were devoid of people. As we strolled along, a large, modern building in white and blue came into view – the very glass factory we had set out to explore.

Czech Bohemian Glass Pen