Special Limited edition for Wancher 10th Anniversary

The journey of Wancher dates back to 2011 when we began to focus on making our original products. Despite countless difficulties, we have made it through our first 10 years, all thanks to your continuous support and love. With our deep gratitude, Dream Pen Tokiwa-Iro was born as a commemorative edition to not only Wancher's 1st 10-year milestone but also to you who have been with us from the beginning day. Limited to only 30 pieces worldwide, we hope this fountain pen will be a valuable part of your collection for many great years to come.

Tokiwa-Iro (常磐色)

In Japanese, 常磐 (Joban) color means "immortal". In other words, Tokiwa-Iro (常磐色) represents an evergreen color that remains beautiful forever; a color that will bring good fortune, luck, and prosperity. We, at Wancher, have the desire to create designs that will continue to be loved and prospered over time.

 At the milestone of the 10th anniversary, we have put these feelings into the design and created Tokiwa-Iro Dream Pen. Tokiwa-Iro Dream Pen carries Wancher's core values - to restlessly seek for, preserve and introduce the most distinguished arts all over the world.

The Art of Tsugaru Urushi

Dream Pen Tokiwa-Iro is handcrafted by our Tsugaru Urushi artisans from Aomori, Japan. With Kara-nuri technique, different shades of green color are beautifully expressed through the coating and sharpening process. This process repeats over a period of 3 to 6 months and the final result is a complex yet beautiful lacquer fountain pen. As you continue to use it, the color will become brighter and you will be able to turn it into your unique fountain pen that no one else has.

Pre-order opens from 8 PM October 25th, 2021 (PDT)

Wancher 10th Anniversary Limited Fountain Pen