RELEASE 2018.08.01


"Urara" - 麗 - means beautiful. A beautiful gift for your beautiful lady.

Have you been looking for a considerate and thoughtful gift for your girl friend, wife, mother or daughter? Neither a dozen of roses nor a box of chocolates.
She deserves a special gift which carries beauty, intelligence, heritage and love.
Inspired from writing instruments in the ancient Japan, Shizuku pen - Urara is definitely a unique luxury gift for your lady,
and also a perfect writing instrument for her no matter if she has experience of writing with a fountain pen or not.

For her hand

You care about her hand. The body of the pen is made from Duralumin ,
a high-class material used for airplane.
With corrosion protection and the strongest structure but the lightest weight,
the fountain pen will help you care for her hand.

For her fashion

Advanced technology with vacuum deposition is applied to create the unique color for her. Not Pink. Not Violet.
Somewhere between Sakura and Hydrangea is this Urara color. As a pen or a lovely accessory, she will love it.

When she writes

Shizuku pen is featured with a glass nib and a converter/cartridge mechanism. The name Shizuku in Japanese is inspired from the picture of a ink drop from the glass tip on the paper.
The moment the glass nib touches paper, she will feel an ultimate smoothness and amazing ink flow. From this moment, every letter she writes out brings her comfortable feeling.

When she carries

No traditional fountain pen nib means less maintenance. Even if she has no experience with glass pens or fountain pens, this pen will be just very easy for her to handle.

Shizuku Pen

First 30 Pieces Release on 2018.08.01

$300 USD

Body color: Urara
Nib: Glass
Nib size: Medium
Filling mechanism: Cartridge, converter
Length: 140 mm (cap closed), 119 mm (no cap)
Diameter: 12 mm (cap), 11 mm (barrel)
Weight: 25 g