Revive Japanese Vintage Pen

A project to protect the art and history of fountain pens.

Why Japanese vintage fountain pens?

Hello my dear friend, today, I would like to share with you a story. I have a group of friends who are fountain pen collectors, nib masters and fountain pen craftsmen who spent their whole life working in Japanese fountain pen companies. We are all at our 80s and 90s now and we have been crafting and collecting Japanese vintage fountain pens for more than 60 years, since early Japanese Showa period. As they are the treasures of our life, we built a house just to keep our pens. These fountain pens are very special. The techniques used in the making of these pens is not seen much in Japanese fountain pens these days. They are all handmade. The material is mostly Ebonite, Celluloid and Urushi. They are built with Japanese old and interesting ink mechanisms such as lever filler, eye dropper or some special types which we even do not know their names. Their quality is brilliant due to the reason that old Japanese companies wanted to produce fountain pens which can be used for hundred years. If you love Japanese fountain pens, a try with these Japanese vintage fountain pens will definitely bring an amazing experience for you.
All of us would like to keep our pens forever as we believe they are the history of fountain pen. Many features of these pens will be very valuable for the future of fountain pen making and should not be forgotten by fountain pen users. We all know that these fountain pens need to be used one in a while to remain its quality; however, their owners (my friends and I) are getting older. As much as we love them, we would love to have them restored and taken care by new owners who will help us continue writing the history. These days, many people visit our vintage pen collections. Some helped us to restore and take good care of them, but unfortunately some even broke into our house and stole many of our pens. We are worried if our vintage pen collection can really survive through our generation.

That's why we came up with this project which is to restore Japanese vintage pens and pass them to the next generation. The project is run by love and care of pen lovers who would like to protect and develop the fountain pen mechanisms and arts. I believe you love fountain pens very much; so I would like to invite you to join with us on this project.

Which type of vintage fountain pen you would like us to restore?

We carried out a survey to help us know better about your preference of a vintage fountain pen. Via this survey, we would love to know the type of vintage fountain pen that you like and based on that we will try our best to restore for you the pen that matches with your preferences. Three lucky persons who join our survey will be chosen for a reward of a vintage fountain pen that we have successfully restored.

Thank you so much for your support.
Taizo Okagaki
President of Wancher Inc.

Giveaway ends on March 17th, 2019

Prize: 1 Japanese vintage fountain pen, 3 winners.
How to join: Complete survey about vintage fountain pen below.
*Optional choice: please feel free to share this survey with your friends via email or instagram, facebook or twitter, your help will makes a great contribution into making a great fountain pen for our community.