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The history of Japan has seen many amazing fountain pens created and introduced to fountain pen lovers all over the world.
Back in 1940s, you would find Japanese fountain pens made in materials, mechanisms and hand-made technique which you do not often see these days.
These fountain pens have amazing quality that remains the same until now and for many more years to come. They are pieces of Japanese fountain pen history and contain priceless values of knowledge to the fountain pen network.

Revive Japanese Vintage Fountain Pen is a project that we carried out in collaboration with a group of Japanese fountain pen collectors, fountain pen engineers and nib masters in Japan who have been working with fountain pens for decades.
Many of them are over 80s and this may be the last fountain pen project of their life. The mission of the project is to preserve pieces of fountain pen history by finding new owners for beautiful Japanese vintage fountain pens.
Would you want to become the new owner of the pens, and will willingly take a good care of the pens and keep on passing them to the next generation?

What is special about these Japanese vintage fountain pens?


These fountain pens are already more than 70 years old. However, the values and quality of each pen remains the same as the time goes by. It is the proof of such amazing high quality standard of fountain pen manufacturing in the past. No matter they were used for personal or public occasions, these pens are pieces of history and connect us to the history.


Materials that were used to make these fountain pens are durable and special materials such as Japanese ebonite or Kyoto celluloid or fuubou (material for airplane's windshield) which help these pens survive through decades or even more. Time is what money cannot buy. The color and the hardness of Japanese vintage Ebonite and Celluloid develop over a long time. If it is not a vintage fountain pen, we won't be able to see these beautiful change in a fountain pen.


The nib and mechanism are also the two components which make a Japanese vintage fountain pen extraordinary. Japanese vintage nibs are totally hand-made and hand-grinded. The nib writes wetly with a rich ink flow. All Japanese vintage nibs come with Ebonite feeds which were also hand-crafted. The nib's flexibility is highly enhanced through a hand-grinding process. Filling mechanisms of these pens may function in the same way with current models but they are something that cannot be found these days.


To make sure the fountain pen performs well before passing it to the new owner, all of the fountain pens here have already been tuned and tested by fountain pen and nib masters. 

All of these limited vintage fountain pens will come with our full 1-year warranty service same as all other pens.

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