Wancher Keiryuu Nib 渓流

Wancher aims to elevate its products with Japan's cherished ‘WAZA (technique)’


Wancher has developed many original fountain pens all over the world thanks to the patronage of our customers.

Our commitment is to create products that astonish people globally with Japan's proud traditional craftsmanship and skills. Our goal is to make a lasting impression through our products and, most importantly, to provide fountain pens that are loved and cherished.


Wancher is now advancing to a greater stage where our users can enjoy our fountain pens even more. We have collaborated with Mr.Yukio Nagahara, the representative of The Nib Shaper, Inc., to adjust and craft the KEIRYU nib, solidifying our commitment to excellence.

About Yukio Nagahara

Mr. Yukio Nagahara, the President of The Nib Shaper Co., Ltd., is one of Japan's leading fountain pen nib makers. In 2020, Mr. Nagahara transitioned to becoming a freelance craftsman and launched his own website under the name ‘The Nib Shaper’. He provides pen clinics, nib repair, and customization services, aiming to share the joy of fountain pens with as many people as possible. With his expertise, fountain pens are optimized to align with your writing habits and preferences, delivering an exceptional writing experience. Additionally, he can adjust the nib for left-handers to enhance the ease of writing. Mr. Nagahara emphasizes the importance of treating fountain pens with care, considering them as a writer's companion. He is widely recognized and respected by fountain pen enthusiasts not only in Japan but also globally, and his contributions have significantly enriched the culture of fountain pens.


Nib Shaper for Three Generations

Mr. Yukio Nagahara's father, Nobuyoshi Nagahara, served as a nib shaper for a prominent stationery manufacturer and was the creator of the ‘NAGINATA-shape -Fountain Pen’, designed originally for writing beautiful Japanese characters. Recognized for his exceptional skills, Mr. Nobuyoshi Nagahara was honored as a ‘Contemporary Master Craftsman’. Engaging with numerous fountain pen enthusiasts through pen clinics, where he adjusted and repaired nibs, he earned the esteemed title of the "God of Nibs."

Twenty-two years ago, at the age of 41, Yukio chose to carry on his father's legacy. Having closely observed his father's ‘sharpening technique’ since a young age, Yukio mastered the skill within a few months and has evolved into his successor, not only preserving the technique but also introducing new developments. Following in his father's footsteps, Yukio's son has also chosen to pursue a career as a pen nib craftsman, working alongside Yukio.