True Maki-e

Dream Pen True Maki-e is Wancher's first and highest ranking Dream Pen design. The fountain pen is handcrafted with Maki-e technique by master Yamanoshita from Wajima, Japan. 

Being inspired by Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Dream Pen True Maki-e represents a beautiful picture of Japanese Sakura in spring through a perfect combination of gold, silver powder, and Urushi lacquer. 

The contrast between the warm moist skin touch of the Urushi lacquer and the cold feeling of gold and silver creates a marvelous harmony of the maki-e.
The making process
Urushi Coating
Urushi lacquer is coated to the surface of the pen to create the very first beautiful layer before applying other ornaments.
After the careful application of many layers of Urushi, the artisans then draw beautiful designs on to the pen.
Gold Powdering & Polishing
One of the most complicated steps is gold powdering. The Maki-e design is completed sprinkling gold powders over the wet Urushi surface. In the final stage, the pen will be polished again to give it a shiny finish.