Shiawase Bag

Started from last year, 2022, Wancher had celebrated Lunar New Year with the Shiawase Bag or Fukubukuro.
This year, we are more than excited to bring it back again.

The Japanese original word 福袋 (Fukubukuro), means Happy Bags, are sealed bags filled with random selected items and offered at a good deal. Fukubukuro resembles a kind of "omikuji" or lottery; therefore, they try their new year luck by purchasing one. 

We designed 3 sizes of Shiawase bags, including Big (大), Medium (中), and Small (小). This year, we make 3 types available for Medium bags (more variation more fun!), and 2 types for Small and Big bags. You may be wondering what exactly is inside. It's a secret! We can only reveal a bit of what you may receive, so please kindly check it below or on each Bag page.

Medium Bag (中)

- 1 Dream Pen fountain pen
- 1 Sekai fountain pen
- 1 Modern Art fountain pen
- 1 Fountain Pen Ink 

Big Bag (大)

- 1 Dream Pen Fountain Pen
- 1 Sekai fountain pen
- 1 Seven Treasures fountain pen
- 1 Fountain Pen ink

Small Bag (小)

- 1 Dream Pen Fountain Pen
- 1 Pen Case
- 1 Fountain Pen Ink

The event is valid through 12 PM February 20th (JST) or 7 PM February 19th (PDT)

Please note:

- The number of products in the both types of bag size is the same.
- Type A, Type B, and Type C (for Medium Bag only) has similar total value and contains items from the same collections.
  There is only a difference in colors/designs between the types.
- The bag cannot be purchased with other coupon codes.
- Medium Bag is available for Free Shipping!
- All bags are only available with Stainless Steel and Steel Gold-plated nib option.
  (If you want to change your nib option, please contact for further assistance).
- Once delivered, the bag cannot be returned or exchanged (unless defective).


Enjoy your Shiawase shopping and have a joyous Lunar New Year!

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Shiawase Bag 2023