Season of Love

It goes beyond a Valentine Day,
yet a time for devotion and connections.
Let us help you extend your love and care to your dearest partner, family, friends, and yourself through the brand new Season of Love Series.

Month of Couples


Love Yourself

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Parents Month

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The 2nd page of our Season of Love series is revealed, and the theme is... 

Love Yourself

To love another, you must start by loving yourself.

In this hustling era, it is crucial that every individual spend quality time for themselves, no matter where life might take them. And Wancher believes that this can be practiced and nurtured from the smallest thing like your hobby. 

First, let's visit our new video series on Tiktok/Reel! Everyweek, we will post new contents revolving around pens, care guide for pens, explanation about arts and so on. We hope that with this series, your love for fountain pens will grow stronger everyday

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Wancher Day is our special 1-DAY Loyalty Event for our customers. Yet, in the event of Love Yourself, and the Easter Holiday coming, how about spending a little longer time together with us in this memorable occasion?

 Until 11:59 April 4th (PDT), you can get an extra 10 points for every 1 USD purchase at our store!
For further details about our Loyalty Program, please visit here.

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Season of Love