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Each Hitasugi Pen Box 50 is made of solid Hita Cedarwood block, meticulously crafted by Japanese skillful and experienced wood artisans.
Cedarwood is an extremely prestigious wood material in Japan. For a long time, cedarwood has been present in every aspect of Japanese people. It is widely used in temples, shrines, traditional Japanese-style constructions, or even used to build dams. Therefore, its strength and durability are well-acknowledged, making it a perfect material for a reliable storage of your precious fountain pens.

This time, we use Cedarwood from Hita, Oita - one of the three regions known to produce the most beautiful and strong cedarwood in Japan. Craftsmen in Hita are also highly experienced and meticulous in their works. With their help, Hitasugi Pen Box 50 is born - A design that showcases the natural beauty of Hita Cedarwood and possesses both functionality and traditional craftsmanship.

Besides great strength and durability, Hita Cedarwood is also known for its excellent self-moisture and humidity control performance, not to mention its healing pleasant fragrance that can soothe your mind each time you open the box.

 - The box came with a grand size of full 50 pen slots - plenty of comfortable places for you to store all pens of all kinds.

 - A high-quality glass-like transparent acrylic is installed in the top-lid, which can be smoothly opened and closed at 90 degrees angle. With this, you can enjoy looking at your favorite collection in the top drawer anytime.

 - Four lower drawers also showcase the beautiful texture of cedarwood grain. By touching both sides gently, you can pull out each drawer and see neatly arranged division panels inside.

- The bottom of each drawer are smoothly sanded and polished to create a gentle touch to your favorite fountain pens.


The "Hita Cedar Fountain Pen Collection Box" combines excellent design and functionality. The longer you use the box, the more you will enjoy its rich texture, natural feel and the pleasant convenience it brings. If you are looking for using fountain pens for a long time, the HITASUGI PEN BOX will be a trustworthy companion on your journey.

Dream Pen Box

Taizo Okagaki himself designed a Dream Pen Box for any fountain pen collector who wants to securely protect every single fountain pen and beautifully display them at the same time. Inspired by the solar roof, the Dream Pen Box is made in a unique trapezoid shape covered by a glass lid. 

Dream Pen Box comes with a special feature: a detachable lid which can be opened in any way you want to.

 The pre-installed magnets help the cap close securely and attach beautifully to the box when opened. Dream pen box has room for up to 9 fountain pens in either small or big sizes. Made from Japanese cedarwood, the box is well-coated with waterproof paint and available in two colors for you to choose from: Natural Pure and Red Brown.

Dream Pen Box has room for up to 9 fountain pens in either small or big sizes.

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