Kunisaki 国東 Glass Collection

Limited 1 Piece for 1 Design Only

Kunisaki 国東 Glass is a unique glass pen/pen pillow collection which is handmade by experienced glass masters from Kunisaki, Japan. Each pen/pen pillow is completely designed, formed and crafted by hand over a course of many months. Every design is inspired from different beautiful creatures in Kunisaki Peninsula (国東半島, Kunisaki Hanto), located in Kyushu Japan. And since everyday life of the artisan ties closely to the nature, original idea of each design is lively reflected on the final artwork. You won't be able to find a same pen/pen pillow with this since the one and only designed is crafted only once.

Kunisaki and where the same two things do not exist and our glass pen/pen pillow which is made in Kunisaki is also one-of-a-kind glass artwork!

Using Experience

Glass Pen

This glass dip pen has a tipping size between Fine and Medium nib size (European standard size). The nib writes smoothly on any kinds of paper that is compatible with fountain pens and glass pens.

Glass Pen Pillow

Rest your glass pen on beautiful glass pen pillow, they will be a perfect combination!

* Please note that we do not publish information and pictures of the artisans per their requests.*