Revive Japanese vintage fountain pen 2021

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A message from Wancher and previous pen owner 

Welcome back to our "Revive Japanese Vintage Fountain Pens" project!
Our deepest gratitude to all of your support and eager participation so far!
After one year, we are so glad to finally bring back this meaningful project with a new collection - Japanese Tamamushi vintage fountain pens, collected from the 1960s by Mr. Nishio.

Let us begin our story with this fateful collection.

About Mr. Nishio

About Vintage 2021 collection

The history of Japan has seen many amazing fountain pens created and introduced all over the world. Besides the big companies, there are many other fountain pen manufacturers with a long history and tradition since the early 1900s.
One of those is Nishio Seishakujo.

As the second generation of Nishio Seishakujo, Mr. Nishio is both a passionate collector of traditional fountain pens and also an experienced fountain pen maker.

In recent years, Mr. Nishio has been helping us develop a new design of eyedropper fountain pens for some time. With a brand-new shape optimized for our fountain pen lovers, we believe that this design will be very promising once finishes.

A prototype of an eye-dropper fountain pen - the unfinished collaboration work between Mr. Nishio and Wancher.

Much as we are looking forward to this new design, the process has been slowed down lately. Due to Mr. Nishio's limited health conditions, it is becoming more and more difficult for him to continue making pens. Therefore, we might not have enough time to finish this project together.


As a result, Mr. Nishio has entrusted us to pass on his enormous collection of vintage fountain pens to the next generations.

It is our honor to fulfill his request, and thus, we have finalized the mission of this project. Not only will we find new homes for these vintage fountain pens, but through this project, we can also collect your thought and opinion about Japanese inking mechanisms. With this, we will be one step further from the completion of many upcoming projects (such as the mentioned-above eyedropper fountain pen).

Now, let's take a closer look at these pieces of histories - our Vintage Fountain Pen 2021 collection.

Customized Nib & Feed

Each nib and feed is customized and adjusted from piece to piece by Mr. Nishio himself. It also means that each pen is a one-of-a-kind piece of history, and no parts are exchangeable, even between the same model.

Another important point is that each vintage fountain pen is handcrafted from vintage parts, self-collected by Mr. Nishio, so there is no two pieces alike. From the clip design, the cap finial, to the shape and size, one pen will be slightly different from another.

Therefore, we hope for your understanding if the pen you received is not exactly the same with the prototype pictures here. Please embrace it as a unique pen of your own. 

An all-ebonite fountain pen

Each pen in this collection is an all-ebonite pen, from the pen body to the feed. Ebonite has been used on fountain pens since the beginning days of the fountain pen era.

What makes it different from other materials is the feel in the hand rather than the look - a warm, soft, and comfortable feeling for daily writing. The durability of ebonite makes ebonite fountain pens live through ages without being degraded.

The color, hardness and smoothness of Japanese vintage Ebonite will develop over a long time - a beautiful change that we can only observe in a vintage fountain pen.

A rare art of Urushi - Tamamushi-nuri

Tamamushi-nuri is a traditional lacquer technique developed from Sendai, Japan.

The technique is named after the Jewel Beetle (玉虫) thanks to its distinctive mesmerizing hue and iridescence which change color according to light. To achieve such a result, the artisan needs to sprinkle the silver powder in the baser and then, carefully apply each layer of smooth Urushi lacquer.

This results in a rich finish and a subtle shimmering sheen that will grow deeper and richer over time. Combined with the Japanese vintage ebonite material, each piece of this collection is truly an artwork of a lifetime that you will appreciate for many generations. 


All of the fountain pens here have already been cleaned and checked by us.

These pens are over 60 years old and they have been in the depository for a half-century. Therefore, a few pieces might not perform as well as they were before and might stop working after some time. Yet, we hope that you will embrace them as a memorial and valuable part of the fountain pen history, and they will become a special part of your collection for a long time.

Although all of these limited fountain pens do not come with free return and exchange, we would be happy to service the pen for you at a reasonable fee


Brand: Nishio
Material: Ebonite
Art: Tamamushi-nuri
Filling mechanism: Piston Lever System / Eyedropper
Nib: Fine to Medium (none to semi-flex)
Feed: Ebonite

Available for order from 8 PM Sep 10th, 2021 (PDT)

Revive Japanese Vintage fountain pen 2021