Nobleness and power, embodied in the colors of a fountain pen.

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Jade History

The profound significance of Jade in many cultures is undeniable. So much so that "Gold has a price, but Jade is priceless" is a famous quote in East Asia. It is believed to evoke values such as sincerity and wisdom, and possess powers that avert evil and bring prosperity. 

During Japan's Jomon period, (14,000 BC–300 BC) jade adorned the hands of the upper class and served as a symbol of wealth, elegance, and power. Its durability also made it compatible for weaponry. By the Yayoi period from 400 BC - 300 AD, Jade had been used in almost every part of Japan and its use for spiritual purposes was popularised. In the Edo period (1603–1868), jade was used to create netsuke, small carved ornaments used to secure small containers, and sagemono (small pouches). Having been so eminently ingrained in Japan's history and culture, Jade continues to serve as a charmingly timeless relic of the past and has even been titled Japan’s national stone. 

Jade Color's Significance

Wancher is delighted to present the Jade fountain pen, not only as a writing instrument but also a reminiscent of the past sporting the iconic jade colors of mint green and pure white ivory. The deep green hues are redolent of the sophistication and power they represented during the Jomon period, accompanied by the pure white ivory that signifies its spiritual uses from the Yayoi period.

The two jade colors of the pen come together to present a refined contemporary interpretation of jade relics. Whether used for personal or professional purposes, writing with the Jade fountain pen will imbue your words with a touch of timeless cultural heritage. Whether you are a collector of fine writing instruments or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of jade, the Jade fountain pen is an excellent choice to honor ancient artistic history as we begin to write our own.

From a source of protection on battlegrounds to adorning people's homes and hands to a tool for spiritual practices and cultural relics, it is clear that jade is more than just a stone; it is a physical manifestation of Japan's story. In the contemporary world, jade's legacy and artform live on as the world continues to write and make history. Ultimately, the Jade fountain pen serves as an instrument to write the future while paying homage to Jade's enormously rich culture and history.

Jade Pen Pillow

As we embark on the JADE series, Wancher is delighted to unlock yet another milestone with this Guatemalan Jade Pen Pillow. Guatemalan jade pen pillows are Writing accessories made from high-quality jadeite that is prized for its durability and beauty sourced from North-East Guatemala.

The products are available to order separately or as an add-on item when purchasing Jade Fountain Pen.

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