Dream Pen Echizen Urushi

The symbol of spring in Japan is the Sakura or Cherry Blossom. During this time, the beauty of the cherry blossoms is reflected under the gentle sunlight. This beauty is an ethereal, fleeting moment that we want to remember forever. Through these fountain pens, we hope to remind you of that moment.

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The Second Design - Sakura Zukiyo


Witnessing cherry blossom petals drifting in the moonlit spring night along a pathway carries a beauty reminiscent of Japan's essence and the concept of "Wabi-sabi" (appreciating beauty in imperfection).

In an effort to capture the spirit of Japan, we chose to depict this imagery and design through the world renowned art of Echizen Urushi. While it is impossible to truly represent the essence of Japan in a single object, the beauty can be found in our best efforts to achieve the impossible.

The First Design - Omoide Sakura

"Omoide" means memory or recollection in Japanese. Certain memories of cherry blossoms remain long after their last bloom. Starting with the design's initial name, "Kawazu Zakura" which refers to the type of early blooming cherry blossom. Now we want to remember that while the impermanence of cherry blossoms adds to their beauty, we also desire a physical reminder of their existence. The Omoide Sakura was inspired by the desire to preserve the cherry blossom in its physical form, which we hoped to represent through the subtle design.

We want to treasure the touching moment when Sakura is at its peak of blooming through the fountain pen design of Echizen Urushi.

Echizen Urushi


Echizen Urushi is made in the Echizen region of Fukui Prefecture, Japan. The lacquer used to make Echizen Urushi is produced from the sap of the urushi tree, which is native to Japan and has been used in lacquerware production for over 9000 years. Echizen Urushi is known for its high quality and durability, as well as its beautiful, lustrous finish. The lacquer is applied in thin layers, and each layer must be allowed to dry completely before the next one is applied. This process can take several months to complete.

Long Preserved Tradition

One of the unique features of Echizen Urushi is that it is made using traditional techniques that have been passed down through the generations. Many of the artisans who produce Echizen Urushi are members of families that have been making lacquerware for hundreds of years. In addition to its beauty and craftsmanship, Echizen Urushi is also known for its practicality and durability. The lacquer itself is resistant to water, heat, and most types of acids, making it unique and long-lasting.

Uniqueness of the lacquer of each region 

The hardening of lacquer is not due to the evaporation of water but to natural chemical reactions, so it is affected by temperature and humidity. Each region's lacquerware brings with it its own uniqueness and flavor.

The Technique - Kindai Maki-e

The Echizen Urushi artisans apply lacquer onto the body of the fountain pen and decorate it using the Modern Maki-e Technique - derived from the historic Maki-e technique. While the secrets of the Modern Maki-e technique cannot be revealed as each one is modified by the specific artisan, it is clear that the basic technique by itself results in beautifully designed fountain pens.

Moved by the long-treasured Urushi lacquerware from Echizen and captivated by the scene of Spring season, we put together those aspirations into the Echizen Sakura fountain pen. Aside from introducing the fountain pen, our goal is to make people feel the spirit of the artisans through it.

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Dream Pen Echizen Urushi