in Wajima, Japan 


暈し塗り /bokashi-nuri/ - Gradation 

Summer in Japan is when you can see clearly the beauty of natural transitions during the day. And taking that as an inspiration, our artisans wanted to create fountain pens that can depict those transitions. The fascinating scenery of sunset, sunrise, and eclipse during summer in Japan is reflected onto Dream Pen using one of the most sophisticated Wajima Urushi techniques - 暈し塗り /bokashi-nuri/ or gradation.

Bokashi-nuri refers to an Urushi technique where the application of Urushi is smoothly transitioned from one color to another. It is not an easy process and it requires many months of making but it creates a spectacular art without any two similar items. 

Handcrafted in Wajima, Japan by one of the most skillful craftsmen, Dream Pen Bokashi is made with the natural Red and Black Urushi in the design of Sunset, Sunrise, Solar Eclipse, and Lunar Eclipse. 

The fountain pen is equipped with either stainless steel or 18K gold nib.
Below are the starting prices with stainless steel nib option but you can upgrade to 18K gold nib in the product listing.


Dream Pen - Bokashi Urushi